Our recent experience

FieldworkHub has worked on a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative fieldwork projects for some of the world’s leading consumer brands and B2B companies. Below we present a selection of our recent experience.

Mobile top-up retailer.jpg

Research on mobile SIM and top-up retailers

A management consultancy that was working for an investment fund wanted to talk to shopkeepers who sell SIMs and top-ups for a mobile virtual network operator that focuses on the international calling market. Originally the plan was to ask the retailers to complete an online survey but feasibility testing by FieldworkHub established that they were poorly represented in online panels so we switched to face-to-face interviews with owners and managers. We also arranged two focus groups so our client could obtain more in-depth qualitative views on the brand’s positioning relative to other mobile operators.

Healthy lifestyles 2.jpg

In-depth telephone interviews about healthier lifestyles

An agency specialising in UK social research and marketing wanted to carry out telephone interviews with a selection of respondents who lived in particular postcodes and were overweight and/or regular smokers as part of a programme it was running with the local council to try to promote healthier lifestyles. We were able to fulfil their quotas in less than a week, enabling the agency to provide results rapidly to the end client.

Teenager social media.jpg

Teenage telephone interviews regarding social media

A large social media company had carried out an online survey amongst users of its platform and wanted to conduct telephone interviews with a sample of teenage users who met the target profile. We were provided with a list of qualified respondents and asked to contact them, convince them to take part, and arrange the payment of incentives. To encourage participation we paid part of the incentive when each interview was scheduled and the remainder once the interview had been successfully completed.

Smart home.jpg

Online diary research with owners of smart home devices

A leading manufacturer of connected home devices wanted to find out more about the way that consumers use smart devices in conjunction with each other (e.g. using a smart speaker to control a home heating system, using a smartphone to monitor home security while out and about). They wanted to interview customers of their own products and competing brands. We used a free find approach to recruit over 250 promising candidates, screened them using an online questionnaire to pick a sample of 40. We then guided the final 40 through the research programme which was based on a smartphone activity and diary app.

Beer dispenser.jpg

Quantitative research amongst UK beer drinkers

A major beer brand wanted to obtain quantitative feedback on a prototype design for a new draught beer dispenser for use in UK pubs and bars, including A/B testing to find out if the prototype design made beer drinkers more likely to select the client’s brand in preference to competitor brands. We helped the client set up a mock bar in a Central London research facility and recruited 300 respondents to visit the facility over the course of two days and complete the client’s online survey in situ. We also arranged a focus group of bartenders at the facility so the client could obtain their qualitative feedback on the design.

Large focus group.jpg

Focus groups in four countries on public policy topics

A leading US-based qualitative research agency wanted to organise a series of large focus groups in Europe over the course of five weeks for two divisions of a large global corporation and asked FieldworkHub to provide end-to-end project management of the fieldwork process. Using our expert knowledge, we found and booked suitable facilities in four countries and recruited around 400 respondents to take part. We also provided moderators and interpreters, arranged for stimulus materials to be translated where necessary and for English transcripts to be provided after the sessions.

Trucking and logistics.jpg

Field interviews with Turkish shippers and logistics companies

A major energy company wanted to find out if an innovative logistics proposition was likely to be successful in Turkey. We recruited 16 representatives in Istanbul and Ankara from companies that ship goods and transport firms that carry goods in Turkey for in-depth interviews and supplied local management services to ensure that the interviews could be completed in a three-day period immediately before a major national holiday.

Corn growing.jpg

On-the-ground research with Midwestern corn farmers

A company that supplies products and services to help farmers improve crop yields wanted to interview corn farmers and agronomists in Illinois and Iowa. It was important for the farmers to represent a range of different sizes of farms, including some very large farms (5000 acres or more). We recruited over 40 farmers and advisers in two phases and assisted with planning the travel schedules for each group of interviewers.

Dubai traffic and skyline.jpg

Ethnographic research on personal mobility in Dubai

A Middle Eastern corporation wanted to carry out ethnographic research on topics relating to personal mobility, lifestyle and convenience, and energy distribution in Dubai. Our work involved finding respondents with very particular B2C and B2B profiles including several ‘hard-to-reach’ groups, such as owners of electric vehicles. The sample needed to include Emiratis as well as ex-pats and high earners as well as those with more modest levels of income. We recruited around 100 respondents in total for two phases of research, and provided on-the-ground support including transport and interpreters.

Haematologist with blood sample.jpg

Interviews with haematologists, oncologists, nurses & pharmacists

A leading global strategy consultancy wanted to carry out in-depth telephone interviews with haematologists and haematology nurses who had experience of working with myeloma, and oncologists and oncology nurses who had experience of working with prostate cancer, and NHS hospital pharmacists. We recruited over 30 healthcare professionals for this study.

Online focus group.jpg

Focus groups with dieticians and payers/ commissioners in the UK

Our client was working with a manufacturer of specialist nutrition products to help them develop marketing messages for dieticians and payers/commissioners working in oncology, which had not previously been regarded as a primary target segment. We arranged a two-hour online focus group with eight oncology dieticians and a second group with eight payers/commissioners working in the National Health Service.

Counselling session.jpg

Interviews with psychiatrists, GPs and patients about depression

A leading global strategy consultancy asked FieldworkHub to recruit five psychiatrists, ten GPs who treat patients with major depressive disorder, and five patients on prescription medication for depression in the UK for 60 minute in-depth telephone interviews with internet access. We recruited the full complement of respondents in a two-week period.


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