Recent market research projects

FieldworkHub has worked on a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative market research projects for some of the world’s leading consumer brands and B2B companies. We regularly arrange focus groups in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Paris, Lyon, Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, Brussels and other cities in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Below we present a selection of the consumer, B2B, technology and healthcare fieldwork that we have recently completed.

Consumer qualitative and quantitative fieldwork


Online interviews about consumption of premium alcohol brands in South Africa

Our client wanted to conduct 30-minute online interviews via Skype with South African consumers who regularly purchased clear spirits (gin/vodka etc) in bars or restaurants to understand their brand preferences and views about standard and premium brands and test out some marketing concepts that they were developing. In less than three weeks, we recruited and screened over 20 respondents and arranged for our client to speak to all of them.

Healthy lifestyles 2.jpg

In-depth telephone interviews about healthier lifestyles

An agency specialising in UK social research and marketing wanted to carry out telephone interviews with a selection of respondents who lived in particular postcodes and were overweight and/or regular smokers as part of a programme it was running with the local council to try to promote healthier lifestyles. We were able to fulfil their quotas in less than a week, enabling the agency to provide results rapidly to the end client.

Teenager social media.jpg

Teenage telephone interviews regarding social media

A large social media company had carried out an online survey amongst users of its platform and wanted to conduct telephone interviews with a sample of teenage users who met the target profile. We were provided with a list of qualified respondents and asked to contact them, convince them to take part, and arrange the payment of incentives. To encourage participation we paid part of the incentive when each interview was scheduled and the remainder once the interview had been successfully completed.