Healthcare qualitative fieldwork

Haematologist with blood sample.jpg

Interviews with haemophiliacs and healthcare professionals in the UK, France and Germany

A leading global strategy consultancy wanted to carry out in-depth interviews with haemophilia patients and healthcare professionals specialising in haemophilia in the UK, France and Germany as part of a project to develop new ways of managing the condition. Over several phases of work, we recruited more than 20 healthcare professionals (including haematologists, haematology nruses, and physiotherapists and psychologists with haemophilia experience) and over 50 patients with this rare condition.

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Online focus groups with dieticians and payers/ commissioners in the UK

Our client was working with a manufacturer of specialist nutrition products to help them develop marketing messages for dieticians and payers/commissioners working in oncology, which had not previously been regarded as a primary target segment. We arranged a two-hour online focus group with eight oncology dieticians and a second group with eight payers/commissioners working in the National Health Service.

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TDIs with psychiatrists, GPs and patients about depression

A leading global strategy consultancy asked FieldworkHub to recruit five psychiatrists, ten GPs who treat patients with major depressive disorder, and five patients on prescription medication for depression in the UK for 60 minute teledepth interviews (TDIs) with internet access. We recruited the full complement of respondents in a two-week period.