A personalised approach to market research recruitment in the UK and Europe

FieldworkHub is committed to providing excellent and personal market research services. Our fieldwork specialists want to know you by name – not by project number.

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Responsive market research services from dedicated fieldwork specialists

When you're ready to conduct qualitative or quantitative market research in the UK and Europe, you need a partner who can run with your plan and execute it exceptionally well. You want someone who understands your market research recruitment and facilitation needs and can deliver the right target participants when and where you need them.

That's FieldworkHub, and that's our promise to you.


What you want, when you want it

Extensive network with years of experience

Best practice fieldwork - our membership of leading market research associations ensures it 


Do you want to discuss your next market research project with a knowledgeable fieldwork partner?


What you want, when you want it

With each project, we take time to understand your objectives and any underlying issues, so we can provide support tailored to your needs, deliver outstanding respondent recruitment and complete your market research project on time and on budget. Plus, we’ll keep you informed of our progress at every step.


Quality fieldwork from our extensive network

Our extensive network of recruiters, moderators and other suppliers throughout the UK and Europe, and years of hands-on experience allow us to turn around qualitative fieldwork quickly without cutting corners, so you’ll get high-quality participant recruitment and fieldwork management at small agency pricing.


Market research services in line with current industry standards

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest trends and standards in consumer research. That’s why FieldworkHub is a member of the MRS, the AQR, and the ESOMAR. We also aim to comply with BS ISO 20252 and BS ISO 26362 in all our projects.


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