Need amazing participants for your market research in the UK and Europe?

FieldworkHub can help. We’re a market research fieldwork agency, experts at recruiting for focus groups and other research methodologies. You can count on us to find validated, willing participants who are enthusiastic about taking part in your studies.


How we recruit


We review your brief and develop a screener or review your screener


We identify promising respondents using online data and free-find recruitment


We phone shortlisted respondents to verify that they meet your target profile

We supply a profile of recruited respondents and their screener answers for you to review


Our recruitment services are fully GDPR compliant all of our services are provided in accordance with the Market Research Society (MRS) and ICC/ESOMAR codes of conduct:

  • Recruitment from FieldworkHub database as well as specialist consumer and B2B databases
  • “Free find” recruitment using a multi-faceted approach involving specialist database, social media and referrals
  • Recruitment of hard-to-find individuals via cold calling, desktop research, communities and blogs
  • List recruitment from a client list

Who we recruit

We can recruit most types of consumers (including tech-savvy, high-net worth and opinion elites) and business professionals (including senior management, specialist employees and hard-to-reach groups)


Whatever qualitative methodology you are using, FieldworkHub will help you get great results.

Our expertise includes:

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Our qualitative research services

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