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Delivering exceptional fieldwork services, every time

FieldworkHub’s team spans the UK and Europe. We work with the best recruiters, moderators and viewing facilities across the markets we serve and provide pro-active project management for all aspects of your study. We have carefully vetted our partners based on their ability to provide high-quality respondent recruitment and data collection while delivering on a high standard of service. All of our services are fully compliant with the latest European regulations on data protection.


What you want, when you want it

With each project, we take time to understand your objectives and any underlying issues, so we can provide support tailored to your needs, deliver outstanding respondent recruitment and complete your market research project on time and on budget. Plus, we’ll keep you informed of our progress at every step.


Quality fieldwork from our extensive network

Our extensive network of recruiters, moderators and other suppliers throughout the UK and Europe, and years of hands-on experience allow us to turn around qualitative fieldwork quickly without cutting corners, so you’ll get high-quality participant recruitment and fieldwork management at small agency pricing.


Market research services in line with current industry standards

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest trends and standards in consumer research. That’s why FieldworkHub is a member of the MRS, the AQR, ESOMAR and the BHBIA. We also aim to comply with BS ISO 20252 and BS ISO 26362 in all our projects.

A la carte fieldwork services

FieldworkHub’s core services are respondent recruitment and professional project management for qualitative and quantitative fieldwork.

In addition, we can provide a wide-range of support services for your market research project with experience in a variety of industries.

All of our services are provided in accordance with the Market Research Society (MRS) and ICC/ESOMAR codes of conduct and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Healthcare services are provided in accordance with the BHBIA Legal and Ethical Guidelines for Healthcare Market Research.


Participant recruitment and project management

From recruiting respondents for a handful of focus groups in London or Berlin to running a major pan-European qualitative research project, you can rely on FieldworkHub’s knowledge and experience to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Tracking down the right people for your market research project

Whether you’ve already developed a screener questionnaire, or you’d like us to develop one for you based on your recruitment brief, we’ll find the right respondents for your market research project.

FieldworkHub operates a systematic recruitment process using trained recruiters, only recruiting participants who fully match your requirements, are enthusiastic about participating in market research, and willing to take an active part in the discussion.

We start by making an initial match using online data, and then phone shortlisted respondents to verify that they meet your target profile (including any quota requirements).


We review your brief and develop a screener or review your screener to ensure that we understand your requirements fully


We identify promising respondents using online data and free-find recruitment for fast and accurate results


We phone shortlisted respondents to verify that they meet your target profile and are enthusiastic about taking part


We supply a profile of recruited respondents and their screener answers for you to review, to give you confidence in the sample


Our recruitment services include:

  • Recruitment from the FieldworkHub database as well as specialist consumer and B2B databases

  • “Free find” recruitment using a multi-faceted approach involving specialist databases, social media and referrals

  • Recruitment of hard-to-find individuals via cold calling, desktop research, social media, communities and blogs

  • List recruitment from a client list.

We can recruit amongst most types of consumer, B2B, technology and healthcare groups. See our case studies page for examples of our recent work.

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‒ Baby boomers

‒ Creatives

‒ Ethnic minorities

‒ High net-worths

‒ Innovators

‒ Mid-low income

‒ Millennials

‒ Opinion elites

‒ Seniors

‒ Trendsetters

‒ Youth

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‒ Early adopters

‒ Smartphone users

‒ Other smart device owners (e.g. smart speakers, energy management)

‒ Social media users

‒ Tech savvy and non-tech savvy users

‒ Users of particular apps

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‒ Buyers

‒ Senior management and business owners

‒ Distributors

‒ Employees

‒ Line managers

‒ Finance professionals

‒ IT specialists

‒ Members and delegates

‒ Middle / junior management

‒ Retailers


‒ Trades and blue collar

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‒ Primary care professionals: GPs, nurses, retail pharmacists

‒ Secondary care professionals: therapy area specialists

‒ Healthcare managers: practice managers, clinical directors

‒ Payers: purchasing managers, hospital business managers

‒ Heads of commissioning, Clinical Commissioning Group representatives

‒ Patients, including those with rare conditions

Dedicated and pro-active project management

At FieldworkHub we believe that the secret of good project management is effective communication. 

One of our directors is involved in every project and we provide a friendly and professional project manager who proactively works with our suppliers and keeps you informed of progress at all times. 

A “no surprises” approach to project management

We carefully vet all our partners, hand-selecting only the best of the best to avoid surprises during your market research project. We believe transparency (and building your trust) is the best policy and if we do encounter a problem, we’ll let you know right away and take immediate action to try to solve it.


Other services

A market research project can involve many moving parts – from designing screeners to selecting a venue and moderator for focus groups and IDIs to completing the final report. FieldworkHub provides services to help you at every stage.



Design and review of screeners – helping you target respondents precisely

FieldworkHub’s experienced staff can review your screener and advise on potential issues and improvements before participant recruitment begins. If you need help in designing a screener, our experts can create one from scratch and validate it with you.

The key to recruiting the right participants for a market research study is to use the right screener. A good screener will:

  • eliminate unsuitable respondents quickly

  • avoid leading questions that allow candidates to guess what type of participants the researcher is seeking

  • test candidates’ knowledge of the subject (especially important in B2B research)

  • check that candidates can express their views clearly

  • be concise so the people being contacted don’t get frustrated or lose interest.

Asking the right questions through thoughtful design and review of discussion guides and questionnaires

Having found the right respondents for your consumer or B2B market research, you need to make sure you get the right information from them.
Our team can also help you build a flexible discussion guide for your market research focus group or a well-structured questionnaire for quantitative survey .

Qualitative market research is usually based on a flexible discussion guide comprising open-ended questions.


A discussion guide will typically have four sections:

- welcome in which the moderator makes introductions, explains the purpose of the session and sets out the ground rules

- warm-up comprising a few questions designed to put the respondents at ease and get them talking rather than collecting lots of information

- core where the key topics are covered in a way that collects as much information as possible in an unbiased manner

- wrap-up where the moderator will check his/her understanding of key points from the session and perhaps ask the respondents to sum up their views.


Quantitative market research is almost always based on a structured questionnaire made up of yes/no questions, multiple choice questions, and open-ended questions. Besides ensuring that the questions are clear and comprehensive, close attention should be paid to the ordering of the questions:

- opening questions should be easy to answer and make the respondents feel at ease

- questions should be grouped in a logical order, leading naturally from one topic to another, without introducing any bias

- the format of the questions should be varied to reduce the risk of boredom (e.g. if there are a lot of multiple choice questions, consider breaking them up with a few open-ended questions)

- potentially sensitive questions (e.g. income level) should be left to the end

if there are multiple routes through the questionnaire (e.g. if the next question asked depends on the response to the previous question), then each route should be checked to ensure that the logical flow is maintained for all respondents.

Getting the most from your participants with experienced moderators

A good moderator will create the right environment for the group, guide the discussion without asking leading questions, probe beyond the participants’ initial answers by asking open-ended follow-up questions and keep an eye on the time to ensure that each topic is covered in the right amount of depth.

FieldworkHub provides experienced moderators who can lead your focus groups or carry out in-depth interviews across a range of sectors. We will happy to recommend the most appropriate individual based on the research location, subject matter and language requirements. 


Hand-picked viewing facilities across the UK and Europe

Whether you want an intimate research studio for in-depth interviews and focus groups, an environment for usability testing with eye tracking, or a large facility for 50 viewed respondents, we know what studios are available in major cities in the UK and Europe, can advise you on the best choice of venue and manage your booking. We cover all major cities in Europe, including:

  • UK: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester

  • France: Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Toulouse

  • Belgium: Brussels

  • Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Munich

  • Italy: Rome, Milan

  • Spain: Madrid, Barcelona.

Most of our viewing facility partners provide:

  • On site assistance for respondents and client representatives throughout the booking

  • Live streaming solutions such as FocusVision Classic and 360 and/or digital video and audio recordings

  • Usability testing platforms such as UserTesting and TechSmith Morae

  • 2-way mirror for client observation

  • Wi-Fi

  • Projector and large-screen TVs

  • Use of flip charts / whiteboard, stationery and office facilities

  • Tea, coffee and light snacks for both clients and participants.

If you prefer, we can also arrange interviews and focus groups online or in client offices, hotels or respondents’ homes.


Professional translation and interpreting services for your research project

FieldworkHub uses a network of professional linguists to provide fast and reliable translation services.

If you need an interpreter for your international client at a viewing facility or translation of the session transcripts and reports, FieldworkHub will ensure you have access to qualified market research professionals who understand the subject matter and use the correct terminology every time.


Capturing more detail and making it easier to find with note-taking, transcription and videography

Even if you have a recording of every group or interview, we know it is often much faster to find the key insights and the best quotes in a set of written notes or a session transcript.

FieldworkHub also provides fast and accurate note-taking and transcription services at competitive rates.

Most purpose-built research venues are equipped with fixed video cameras for streaming and recording sessions but a professional videographer will be able to record the session from alternative angles and zoom in to capture the behaviour of participants and their responses more clearly.

We have relationships with experienced market research videographers in most of the locations where we operate and will be happy to provide one on request. We can also arrange editing of recordings, such as producing a short video showing the highlights from each session.

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Making sure the messages are understood with thorough analysis and report writing

For quantitative market research studies, FieldworkHub can arrange a variety of data analyses ranging from simple tabulation of the raw data and descriptive statistics to cross-tabulations by client-defined groups and more advanced statistical techniques such as conjoint analysis.

Finally, every market research project needs some form of report on the findings. We can provide a range of report styles ranging from an executive briefing in PowerPoint to a detailed written report on all the findings.

We take time to understand the purpose of the report and the audience and vary our approach accordingly. We bring out the key messages and support our conclusions with relevant quotes. And of course, we include back-up information on the recruitment process, the respondents, and the dates and times of sessions.


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